How to Dunk a Basketball (Updated Info)

If you want to dunk a basketball, you should learn the proper technique. You need to have an explosive take-off step and build momentum to propel yourself upward. Then, you should glide toward the rim and snap your wrist to slam the ball inside the hoop. This technique is more explosive than a 2-foot dunk … Read more

How to Draw a Basketball Player

To draw a basketball player, start by sketching the face. Next, draw a thin rectangle with pointed edges for the mouth and a short line below the lower lip. You can also draw a curved vertical line above the left eye on the forehead. The rest of the face should be wavy. Sketch lightly until … Read more

How to Clean a Basketball

Keeping a basketball clean is very important, not only to keep it in top condition but also to prevent harmful organisms from growing on it. Here are some tips to clean your basketball: Use lukewarm water and soap water. For extra cleaning power, you can also use a toothbrush. Keeping A Clean Basketball Helps Maintain … Read more