Precision Aerobatics [The Best RC Airplanes]

If you want to get started in precision aerobatics, you’ve come to the right place. The precision aerobatics Bandit is the first 3D RC racer inspired by the Red Bull Air Race. Unlike other RC airplanes, this model is completely original, not based on an existing plane.

Addiction V2 Series

The Addiction V2 series is one of the best airplanes for precision aerobatics. Its new aerodynamic design allows it to reach higher speeds and perform more energy maneuvers than ever before. Its new construction also uses FiberFusion techniques, which makes it even stronger than before. In new Thrust 25 motor and NXT70-HV digital servos provide even more performance and efficiency than ever.

For a series of maneuvers, the Addiction was flown in several different settings. The first maneuver was a slow knife edge, which is performed with minimal roll coupling. The next maneuver was an upright snap with the throttle advanced. In this maneuver, the Addiction was able to climb out with little roll coupling. It was also able to perform a series of walls.

The precision aerobatics of the Addiction V2 series are incredibly accurate and have excellent 3D flight qualities. Its fiber-fused construction combines balsa and carbon fiber to improve rigor and durability. Its fast flight times and ability to glide in all directions make this aircraft a great choice for beginners and intermediate pilots.

The Addiction X has a 50-inch wing span, which is longer than the 58-inch Katana MX. Its lightweight, low-profile design makes it convenient for travel, and it also features a removable wing sleeve and CF tube. Its compact, durable design makes it an excellent choice for precision pilots who love 3D flying.

Katana 52

The Katana 52 is a unique and powerful model aircraft. Its two removable wing halves are constructed from carbon fiber and connected with a carbon fiber tube and sleeve. This construction method allows for greater weight savings and aerodynamic efficiency. The wings are fully airfoiled and include pre-hinged ailerons. In addition to its high performance, the Katana 52 is also capable of slow flight at low altitudes.

The Katana 52 is an amazing aircraft, featuring high-energy flight characteristics, a wide range of precision aerobatic maneuvers, and a great balance of 3D and precision. This plane can do everything from slow rolls to stunning rolling circles. Perfect point rolls and snap rolls are other impressive aerobatic feats that are possible with this model.

Thrust 45R

The Thrust 45R Precision Aerobatics model is the latest in the line of high-performance RC airplanes. Designed by Jojo Rodriguez, this plane is perfect for those who want to fly at high speeds and perform incredible tricks. Its features include a rotorKool” cooling system and ferdigpaloddet 3mm gull contacts. The motors also feature uhindredlufttilforsel to prevent overheating of the magnets and spoiler.

The Thrust 45R uses a new curved Rotokool impeller design that increases cooling efficiency. It can handle larger props and smaller lipo packs than its predecessors. In addition, the Thrust 45R is extremely efficient and powerful, with a low-amp draw and a high thrust output.

FAI-F3A Competition Level

Precision aerobatics is a high-level sport in model aviation. The maneuvers are complex, and the judges are very strict. These events are often held on an airplane that has the latest technology. The sport includes two sequences: a preliminary sequence and a final sequence. The preliminary sequence consists of four rounds, and all pilots must complete it. The top half of the preliminary sequence will move on to the semifinals and fly the F sequence. The top ten pilots will fly an F sequence, as well as an unknown sequence.

The first three places in the precision aviation competition are awarded prizes and plaques. These awards are based on the scores within each round. This allows pilots to compare their scores against each other to determine who is the best in the class. The scores are then normalized to determine the winners.

The F3A competition level requires model aircraft to be under 2 meters in length and to have a minimum wing span of one meter. The aircraft must be lightweight (no more than 25kg) and use an electric or internal combustion engine. It must also be silent. The competition flight programs offered by CIAM and FAI are different and vary in difficulty. There is a Preliminary, Advanced, and Final Schedule.

Bandit 3D RACER

The Bandit 3D RACER is the first 3D RC racer from Precision Aerobatics. The Bandit was inspired by the Red Bull Air Race and is the first true 3D pilotage to fly in a 3D flight mode. Bandit has a wide range of advanced flight features, including the ability to land at crawl speed and perform precision aerobatics.

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A Bandit is constructed using CF FiberFusion Technology, which uses cross-bracing and embedded carbon fiber for structural integrity. The Bandit includes carbon fiber parts including the wing tube, landing gear, pushrods, and control arms. It also features German-made Ball-links, CNC-machined clevises, and a carbon fiber leading edge. All parts are high-quality and come with excellent hardware.

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