Combining Connect Four with Basketball for Endless Fun

Have you ever wondered what happens if you combine the classic board game Connect Four with basketball? Well, some guys in Australia have made a brilliant mashup.

In this game, players use full-size basketballs instead of the traditional Connect 4 “chips.” You can play solo against the computer or play with a friend! The game also folds up for compact storage.

Rented Giant Connect 4 Hoops Arcade Game

This large-scale gaming experience is a blast for adults and kids alike. Players drop the oversized checkers and try to connect four of the same color in a row to win. This larger-than-life game is the perfect complement to any carnival, party or special event.

The Rented Giant Connect 4 Hoops Arcade Game is a high-tech version of a classic arcade game. It’s an awesome way to get a group of your friends or family members working together and competing against each other! This is a big game, so plan ahead and allow plenty of time to set up and tear down.

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i2k Inflatables has added Connect 4 Basketball to our list of interactive inflatables

If you’re looking for a fun, interactive game that your guests can compete on, look no further than our Connect 4 Basketball inflatable. This colossal inflatable features 32 7” mini basketballs in red and blue to challenge your guests. They can take turns shooting their color’s basketballs into the basketball grid to connect four in a row for a win!

This inflatable also includes a magnetic ball release that makes it easy for players to quickly and easily release the balls into the holding area. This inflatable is great for indoor and outdoor use, and is suitable for all ages. It comes with top and bottom tie-down tether straps, anchors, a heavy duty bag and a repair kit.

The Connect 4 Basketball inflatable is a unique twist on the traditional Connect 4 basketball game, and can be used as a fundraiser for kids, or just a fun activity to get your guests moving. This game can be played by two teams at a time and is sure to provide hours of competitive fun!

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Rented Connect 4 Hoops Arcade Game

The Rented Connect 4 Hoops Arcade Game is a life-size basketball version of the classic Connect Four game. It can be played alone against a computer or with another player. During a single-player game, you alternate shooting the hoops using side 1 for Red and side 2 for Yellow.

Once you shoot the ball, it will fall into the LED projected grid and you can win by connecting 4 of your colors in a row. In a double-player game, you and your opponent take turns shooting the hoops until one of you makes a basket.

This large and impressive game is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any event. It is great for team building and engaging your guests at any corporate party, sports event, school event, college campus, or church. It is intuitive and easy to play, so everyone can have a chance to get involved.

The game is perfect for any location with space limitations, and the LED lights will make it even more fun. It is also a popular rental at Dave and Buster’s restaurants, arcades, and sports centers around the country. So if you’re looking for a game that will attract the masses, look no further than this giant basketball Connect 4 rental.

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